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Design for warehouse return clerk in SAP EWM
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SAP EWM development team
2014.11 - 2015. 9
Fiori UI5
Enterprise Web Application
User Interview
Interactive Prototype
Usability test
Front-end Programming
Since the prevalence of e-commerce business, receiving returned product becomes a common warehouse activity. The clerk in warehouse who is responsible for returns, needs to track the the returned products, and dispose them in the right way. The process requires the clerk to interact with multiple SAP systems, meanwhile operate the physical products off-line. To improve the operation efficiency, we designed a simple and usable Fiori Web Application.

Design Process

Workflow...? Play it by ear

How might the system reduce user operations and errors?


Warehouse Staff Wants our Application

We had our prototype send to usability test, letting real warehouse clerk play with the prototype. Two of our developer colleagues were able to be on customer site. With the pictures of working scene in warehouse, they dictated how Roberta used our software and what she said, so that the team could find out problems by their individual understanding. Then we collected important items written by the whole team.
1. They almost merely care about the destination and press “put-away” button repetitively for each item. 
2. They had to switch between scanner and mouse
3. Operating on the screen may distract them from inspecting
4. They couldn't see well which HU is full
Accordingly, we calibrated our prototype.
1. We made the field of destination location much larger with color sign indicating the quality condition and next destination. And we made it clickable to execute put-away.
2. We enabled the possibility to run through whole process by scanner without mouse and keyboard. For example, customer could configure a specific code representing put-away, and when user scan it, system would execute put-away. In this way, user could also be more focused on inspection process