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Mobile App to Raise Consciousness in Emotional Eating

EatJoy is a mobile application to address the problem of emotional eating. The App is designed with theoretical support by Behavior Changing Techniques and health research findings. The final high-fidelity prototype is pixel-perfect in material design style.




Food fails to cheer people up...

User research includes survey, 6 interviews targeting university students which are population around us, and looked at demographics coming from psychology journal and papers, to see if the problem also apply to a larger group.


Build persona on research insights

help university students use food to defeat negative feeling in a healthy way?

Design Goals
1.Let people enjoy eating
2.Assist rational snack decision making
3.Raise conscious during eating
Design Constrains
1. Intervention needs to be personalized for different food preferences.
2. Physical availability of good food has to be considered.
3. Food craving is impulsive and urgent, allows a short period of time for intervention.
Candidate features
1. Gather food preference.
2. Recommend better food choice to deal with depression.
3. Reflect behavior history.
4. Calm down emotional eating.
5. Provide nutrition knowledge.

User Journey

Design a experience led by how the user feels


How to incorporate individual’s diet goal?

Ask user to input their goal then recommend food based on the goal.
The input goals vary in scopes.
Hard to link to recommendations.
Users having a health goal know relevant nutrition.
Mascot is introduced to lead through on-boarding process.
The information on tags has no obvious structure, seems disordered.
Select most relevant tags to emotional eaters.
Draw mental model from food pyramid.


Visual Presentation of The Recommendations

Vector illustration
Consistent visual style regardless of image choice.
Weak linkage to the real food. Hardly trigger food desire.
Real picture with specific brand
Direct product information.
Prime the healthiest choice of the type.
The specific snack may be uneasy to access.
Real picture for a type of snack
Sufficient information to involve healthy choice for consideration.
Higher level recommendation leaves space for personal preference.

A mascot guides through onboarding

Drawn from user's social needs, we design a mascot to assist onboarding and be a companion through the whole experience.
Get Start
Personal Information
Dietary Restriction
Food Allergy
Nutrition Goal
Preferred Exercise

Set a contract for eating

Set timer

Material Design

Visual Design System

Interactive Prototype