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AR App for Social and Doodle

Duudo is a social AR app where users can collaboratively create doodles based on real-world objects. In our user research, we found a lot of memorable social experience related to a shared physical space. We examined the difference between online and offline social experience. After rounds of brainstorm, we introduced Duudo, a creative community brings online social experience to the tangible environment people interact with everyday.



Memorable social experience often relates to a location

Students draw graffiti with their school friends at university landmark.
The content is usually about the time they spent at school.
People write postcards to remote friends while traveling to a new city.
Tourists spontaneous leave graffti on the wall.
The drawings tend to be in a similiar style.

" My friend and I have a secret meeting point at school. We had a lot of fun time there. When we graduated, we left a mark of we two at the place."

" When I travelled last time, I sent a postcard to my best friend, cause I miss the time with her, and I want to let her know where I am."

Co-creating is a fun social activity

Take use of the shape
Use the meaning of a object
Surface in a certain location(restroom)

An online social experience connected by AR doodle

Cultural Probe

Understand interactions in "doodle"

We put blank papers and pens at 5 places, including outdoor and indoor buildings. Initial drawings were added to call for passengers to create content.
After 3 days, we took back the papers and analyzed people's doodle behavior and patterns, concluded insights for design.
Research Insights
Color and text are mixed in doodles
Identified common patterns
Interactions among authors
Signature symbols are found

Competitive Analysis

Other AR Doodle Apps



Navigation between draw and social

Land with drawing tools
Call for drawing action.
Hidden social feature.
Floating toolbar
Consistent navigation access
Highlight access to social feature
Confusion between bookmark and personal profile
Slide view with CFA button
Exposure to social content
Prime personal profile in a social setting
Call for drawing action


How to draw on a phone?

We invitated people to do user enactment, in order to find a default way of drawing. We let them use two different AR drawing technologies followed by interviews. In the end, we found the traditional way should be prioritized.
Google AR: Just a Line
Drawing experience is entertaining
Not accurate
Exaggerated action causes embarrassment
Traditional Screen Drawing
Easy to control brush
Drawing is more recognizable
Screen is limited in space


How to engage users?

Invite Friends


What may go wrong?

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