Human-computer Interaction


I am a master student in Human Computer Interaction at University of Michigan, graduating in 2019. I am passionate about multimodal interactive systems. I design and prototype tools to engage communication between virtual and physcial world:

People today are spending increasing amount of time with either reading or building screens. I am curious of the social impact made by technology. I do research on:

Bowser extension to address abusive behavior on Twitter (with Eric Gilbert)
Uncertainty information visualization (with Matthew Kay)
Accessible design in autonomous vehicle for people with vision impairment (with Robin Brewer)

My work has been accepted by:

BTW, I am an enthusiast in web programming! I used to develop enterprise web application in my first job at SAP. Now I am attracted by all kinds of JS magic, to craft interactive animations, make web pages fun to read!

Hope you enjoy exploring my website!